Isara The ONE Philodendra

I talked about Isara a lot in the past year. It’s not because I do not like other brands or I am blindly worshiping only them, but because I am stunned from the progress the brand made during that one year! From Isara V3 to Isara The ONE, the steps were huge, the differences are major and there is no more space for comparison. As Isara ambassador I was able to try almost every pattern that they released and I have to say that every single one of them deserves a separate review! That’s because the fabrics are differently weaved and embroidered.

Isara The ONE Philodendra 

Well this one is all about softness! I remember back in the days I touched Isaras Philodendra woven wrap (the green one) and I was absolutely fascinated how soft it was! Well, this is even softer! When I received the Diamonda one I thought that there can’t be a softer carrier keeping in mind that it’s made only from cotton, but this thing is way softer! I don’t know how man times I will say the word “soft”, but hey, this is SUPER SOFT! And again all this butter soft fabric made in an exquisite, extremely adjustable carrier that fits all babies and all parents! Never thought of better combination!

Isara says:

The ONE Philodendra Silver Gray is equipped with a  revolutionary “two-is-better-than-one” functionality, allowing the wearer to ultra-adjust the carrier both in length and width.

-The panel transformers allow the wearer to precisely widen the height of the back panel, inch by inch, in order to reach up to the nape of your baby’s neck. If you would like to breastfeed, simply extend the panel transformer and enjoy every minute of it.

– The strap transformers can shorten or extend the shoulder straps, to properly fit your body shape and size. This feature provides extreme adjustability for petite, tall or even plus size physiques. It truly fits you!

-The base of the carrier contains two detachable seat transformers, a unique feature that upgrades the seat base to fit even a tall preschooler.

ISARA THE ONE Philodendra Silver Gray represents the next level in the babywearing industry, by introducing 3 novel features: seat transformers, panel transformers, and strap transformers along with a plethora of characteristics for optimal comfort.

-Keep your baby’s skin safe from rashes of any kind with our no skin to buckle contact innovation.

-Buttery soft padded shoulder strap, so that you’ll never have to feel the weight of your angel.

-Extra arm and leg paddings for a timeless carrying experience.

-Adjustable and removable connection clip, adjustable and removable hood with a dash of practicality.

-A high-quality elastic band added for extra protection in case of an accidental opening of the buckles, so that your sweetheart is always safe and sound.

-For a “neat look” excess webbing can be tucked away under elastic bands.

-The connection clip, located between the shoulder straps, prevents the straps from sliding off the shoulder. It can be adjusted up or down on the webbing of the shoulder strap so that the proper height can be chosen for front or back carrying. It can also be completely removed (when the shoulder straps are crossed or when you hip carry).

-The new comfy belt with premium memory foam provides the most comfortable carrying experience on a long distance journey.

-Shorten or lengthen the straps, to fit even a petite wearer with the new intuitive fit-for-you adjuster.

-Due to the multidimensional adjustability given by the revolutionary features, ISARA THE ONE Philodendra Silver Gray provides you with the possibility of wearing your child in 3 different vertical positions: front carry, with parallel or crossed shoulder straps, back carry and hip carry.

If you need more information about Isara The ONE, you can check out my full review HERE.

I can say for sure that this carrier is more spectacular live! You can see every stitch hitting the right spot and the hard work these people have put in creating this amazing organic beauty! In specific light you can even see it glow! You can use it from newborn to toddler and even preschool since it can wear a 20 kg kid! It is woven in 100% jacquard organic cotton and suitable for all seasons! The print is reminding me of tropical islands with sun and sea and in the same time it is a cold monochrome carrier that suits your whole wardrobe! Congratulations, Isara, you have nailed the perfect balance (once again)!

For me reviving the old print in a new way means nothing but absolute respect for Isaras own history! I can do nothing but congratulate everyone from the team for bringing to life “old” patterns and keeping the brands uniqueness! The Kaleidoscopix, Diamonda and Philodendra are a part of your signature and your exclusivity!

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