Isara Clever Cover Crystal Clear review

Summer is already in the past and the cloudy, chilly days are here. Not that they are bad, there is no bad weather, but you somehow need to think more on how to dress properly. Especially if you have kids! I have always hated wearing too much clothes on me. I prefer clothes made from lighter and breathable materials, that are helping me to avoid sweating. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but natural fibers are always better!

It was October 2017 when I started babywearing and I figured that sweat goes hand in hand with it. It was very uncomfortable because the weather was chilly, but my back – wet. It was a premise for catching a cold! I bought a fleece jacket, which I wore with a vest under it, but there was no rescue for my wet back.

This year I promised myself that I am going to find a solution for this problem. And it came from out of nowhere! It is named Isara Clever Cover Crystal Clear!

Isara Clever Cover Crystal Clear

Isara Clever Cover Crystal Clear is made from 100% top quality cotton fabric. It is super soft and cozy and perfect for colder weather such as spring or autumn. Made in one size design, the cover is suitable for any parent or caregiver and any baby – newborn to toddler! The Isara Clever Cover Crystal Clear can be attached to any carrier and can be worn on the front or on the back, or even on a hip carry. You can easily adjust the cover since it is equipped with drawstrings and if you need something to protect your kid from sudden rain, you can attach to the Isara Clever Cover Crystal Clear a rain cover. It can be added by using the snap fasteners on the Crystal Cover.

You can wear the Cover in 4 different styles – Classic, Easy, On – The – Go and Cool. All the styles of wearing the cover are very easy to do! The Classic way is very suitable for buckle carriers. The Easy one is an apron style while On – The – Go works awesome with back carries.

So that’s what Isara says, but let’s see if all that is true. When you first receive your box you know there is something luxurious in it. The box is made to look so classy! Well, you already know that I have touched and tried most of the Isara products, so I knew something high quality is hidden inside the box! And yes, it is! The Isara Clever Cover Crystal Clear is made from the cushiest cotton ever! This thing is so soft! I guarantee you are going to love the touch of it, so does your baby! Every detail is made with a lot of attention. You can see that every stitch is where is has to be. The soft shell laces are giving this cover such a fancy look!

It is amazingly easy to work with Isara Clever Cover Crystal Clear! All the ways to wear it are really simple. I personally like the Classic way the most, because I mainly use my Isara The ONE carrier. As I mentioned, the Classic way is used with buckle carriers. I hate to hide the soft shell laces under my jacket, so I tie them in a ribbon on the front of the cover. I really like how they make my son look like a little present!

This cover is really comfortable to use when the weather is changing fast like in autumn and spring, because you can take it off, or put it on when you want. I usually fold it and put it in my bag and if it suddenly gets windy or colder, I take it out and put it on. It’s a question of seconds to snap it on! That way I can keep my sons clothes at the minimum when I wear him, because otherwise it feels really uncomfortable and bulky. I prefer to dress him when I take him out of the carrier.

For autumn and spring I really like the cover better, because when I walk I get hot and if I wear a jacket I get sweaty really fast, but I need my son dressed since he is not moving. Honestly, I really hate to overdress him, so I think the cover is better than a jacket. Sometimes if I use the Classic way to wear the cover, I don’t even remove it from my carrier.

Here is one thing I liked a lot about this cover, and about Isara generally: The adjustability! All the Isara stuff I own are super adjustable! That is just awesome! The Isara Clever Cover Crystal Clear makes no exception and is a cover you can use from birth to the end of babywearing. Never mind if you are tall, short, obese or thin. It fits every body structure, every baby or toddler and every carrier! If you release the drawstrings you can use it as a blanket, it is a multi-purpose cover!

And last, but not least, it is super invisible to breastfeed with this cover! It has a big collar that you can lift up when you nurse on the go and Ta-Da! Of course, you can also sit on a bench and cover yourself with it! It is a cover after all!

For me this cover is a must have already! I always keep it in my bag and I never leave home without it! Made smart and easy, this fluffy and cozy Isara cover keeps your baby warm and snug! I guess the Clever name is absolutely deserved! Isara, once again, job well done!

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