Isara The ONE & Isara V3 comparison

After showing you the main characteristics of the both carriers – Isara The ONE and Isara V3, now I am going to compare them. No, I am not going to measure the length in cm, but mostly compare the features you get with each one. Here you can check my previous reviews of Isara The ONE  and Isara V3 Standard  if you missed to read them.

When you look at both carriers for the first time you may think they are the same, but that is a very misleading first thought! There are a few very major differences between them! And here they are:

The belt

The belt of Isara V3 is a little bit hard as I have mentioned before. It needs more time and wearing to get softer on your bones. I am a thin woman so the first times I wore the V3 I felt like my bones are bruised, but after a month or so it was so much better. The memory foam, it is made of, got so much better. I guess I also needed some time to adjust it properly, but there is definitely time that the belt needs to soften. Unlike the V3, Isara The ONE is made with buttery soft belt and you can enjoy that cushy belt from the very beginning. It is also made from memory foam, but it is a really softer one. That’s exactly the belt of my dreams! Supportive, but at the same time pillowy soft!

The Buckles

The front panel buckles
The buckles under your armpits

The buckles of Isara V3 are absolutely classical. There is a buckle for adjusting the length of the front panel and a double buckle under your armpits to adjust the length of the shoulder straps and the width of the panel. They are very easy to use. You have 48 cm of padded shoulder strap and around 90 cm for the whole strap. The minimum of the panel is 31 cm and the maximum length – 45 cm. You can adjust the buckles with PFA straps. On the other hand Isara The ONE is loaded with a lot of buckles! It is not adjustable, it is SUPER adjustable! On the front, unlike V3, you have a double buckle. The down part of the buckle is again for adjusting the panel length and the upper part is for loosening or tightening the straps. You can control the strap length from the front panel which is awesome in case you are breastfeeding. It makes it much more easier to drop the baby lower when he needs to nurse. Under your armpits you have again a double buckle – one side for adjusting the straps and the other for the panel width, and one more buckle which is again for the shoulder straps. So there is the key moment! You have so many ways to adjust your straps! With Isara The ONE you have a minimum of 39 cm of padded straps that you can extend to 59 cm! That’s a lot of cushy strap! You can loosen it even more up to 118 cm. So if you are a tall person, this may be the perfect carrier for you! And not only tall! I am a short woman and the 39 cm straps are just made for me! The Isara V3 straps have always been a little bit long for me, but it was bearable. Well, now I can wear my carrier with my shoulder straps fitting perfectly on me! Thank you Isara! I love it!

The connection strap

The connection strap of Isara V3 can be tightened only from the left side, so for a person like me that can not reach it’s back with the left hand is impossible to adjust it. I need the adjustable PFA strap on my right side! But that is not the case in Isara The ONE. You can use your left or your right hand, because it can be adjusted from both – left or right side! Well, hubby, I won’t need your help anymore! The V3 has an elastic band which is a shock absorber. It is a nice feature that Isara The ONE hasn’t got, but I don’t think you will sense any difference anyway. If I have to chose I will definitely pick The ONE! It’s priceless to adjust your connection strap alone!

The seat transformers

The coolest thing about Isara The One is that it can be used from a newborn up to a preschooler or 20 kg. Isara V3 can be worn up to 20 kg too, but since it is a standard size you will need to change it with a toddler as soon as your kid legs start to hang and it will be before 20 kg. With Isara The ONE you receive the so called “seat transformers” that “transform” the seat and make it suitable for a bigger kid with bigger leg distance. So basically you have a carrier that you do not have to change! From the beginning of your babywearing until the end you can wear with Isara The ONE! I personally prefer to invest once in a carrier that can serve me the whole babywearing period, rather than buying 2 or even 3 carriers.

In the video bellow you can see the differences clearer as I am showing them and how to attach the seat transformers to the carrier. It’s very easy!

Well, I guess these are the main differences between the both carriers. Of course, there are some little cool things about each one, but still Isara made an awesome progress creating a carrier that can be worn for so long! Honestly, sometimes I put my Isara V3 just because it’s so sentimental to me! But if I have to choose comfort, that is Isara The ONE!

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