Connecta Standard review

Connecta Standard

Summer came and it was time to think about a lighter carrier that can keep me cooler during the hot days, small enough to fit in my beach bag, and made from a wrap .. just because I like it better! Of course the first one I checked was the Connecta. It has the reputation of a light carrier without belt that is very comfortable! In the beginning the thought of a carrier without a belt was a bit scary for me, but I decided that I would give it a try and borrowed one from the local library Da Do Mama. Krisi (the owner of the library) doesn’t have a wrap conversion one, but she offered me the Solar one, specially made for sunny days, so I pretty okay with trying it, because it was actually the same carrier. So that’s how I decided to buy a Connecta.


  • Suitable from 3.5kg to 24kg
  • Standard main panel is 14” wide and 17” tall
  • Fits up to 56” waist
  • Minimum shoulder strap length is 14” (or 12” on the petite strap version)
  • Maximum shoulder strap length is 38” (or 36” on the petite strap version)

You can carry your baby in your standard Connecta carrier from newborn (7lb or heavier). You’ll use the small accessory strap to cinch the base of the carrier to make it narrow enough for very young babies, until around 5 months old. It will give a supportive and comfortable fit for most children until 2 – 2.5 years.

So I wore a little with the Solar Connecta and honestly it is a perfect carrier for the seaside, but since I live in the city where I have no sea, I decided that I wouldn’t use my carrier in the water and I do not need it to dry fast and UV factor was also not so important. I wanted a wrap conversion anyway, so I decided to go for it. I fell inlove with one of Oschas  conversions. Its name is Padma Paravel. These lovely blue shades just won me forever!

Connecta has no belt?!

So it really has no cushy belt! Just two straps with a big buckle. And you won’t believe me if I tell you that this carrier is soooo comfortable! The way you put on the Connecta is a little bit different from any other carrier with a belt. You have to put it like an apron. It’s not difficult, but it is a very popular mistake. So be aware that if you put it any other way you will not e satisfied with the result.

Types of straps and how to wear them.

When you front carry you should wear the straps crossed. I think that I have seen some people wear them parallel using the accessory strap, but I find it very uncomfortable, because the straps get pinched and if you wear longer, your shoulders will ache. The straps are a little bit tricky to put crossed, because if you just clip them to the carrier and go for a walk, in minutes they will be on your neck and rubbing into your skin. Of course they are going to hurt your back too. So you have to pull them down towards the ground just before clipping the buckle. This way they will stay straight on your shoulders and not going up to your neck.

There are two types of shoulder straps that you can have. The first one is without padding and the other one is obviously with padding, also called petite straps. Mine is without padding, but I promise you it is not uncomfortable! I have tried also the petite straps and believe me there is not much difference. Maybe the petite are a tiny idea more cushy on the shoulders, but that doesn’t make the other ones not worthy. You can see the on the picture above the actual difference between the two types of straps.

Can I back carry?!

Now maybe you ask yourself “What about back carry?”. You can back carry and definitely not with straps crossed between your boobs! Actually this carrier takes one of the top places for comfort when it comes to back carrying. It is really easy to put on and you can use the accessory strap as a connection strap if you need more support. I personally do not use the accessory strap right now in any way, because my baby is just the right size for a standard size Connecta and I do not need a connection strap at all. I am wearing him in it since he was 8 months old. He is a smaller baby, so I guess a 6 months old will be fitting perfectly in it without the strap. Of course if you decide to wear a younger baby, you can always cinch the panel and make the carrier suit your baby.

C for Connecta and Compactness!

This is maybe one of the main reasons people decide to buy a Connecta. Summertime, travelling, vacations, luggage.. and you have no space for a big carrier! You need something small and compact to put in your backpack or tote bag. Well, that is what the Connecta is perfect for. Since it is missing the big belt that is taking most of the space, it can be folded in a really small piece of fabric which is also lightweight. To have in my stash a carrier that is so practical was important, because me and my family love traveling and if I put one carrier in my suitcase it means that I can’t take other things, but with Connecta you can take everything!

Useful hood!

A lot of brands are making carriers with pointless hoods. I like using the hood because when my son falls asleep in the carrier I use it to support his head. Especially when I am carrying him on my back. Thank you Connecta for making the hood so smart! Actually maybe you already saw that there is no actual hood. It is part of the carrier and is not removable which is great in case you are afraid that you will lose it. It is always clipped on the shoulder buckles and I do not need to attach extenders so I can reach it when back carrying. Just when I feel him falling asleep I fasten a little the straps of the hood and it is perfectly supporting his head.


Well, in this carrier the breastfeeding is a little bit tricky since you have crossed straps. I prefer to sit on a bench when wearing with the Connecta, because when I loosen the straps the whole carrier is dropping down and the shoulder straps start digging in my neck. It is not the most comfortable carrier for breastfeeding honestly said, but I don’t really mind sitting down for a little breastfeeding break.

In conclusion I can say that the Connecta is a carrier that deserves to be in the top carriers. It combines all the things that a summer carrier must have! And I bet it will be also that great in winter!

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