Isara The ONE review

It’s been a while since Isara announced the birth of their new family member. It’s name is The ONE! I think the name is enough to give you a sense of the main idea. This carrier is an innovation made to suit a baby from it’s first day to it’s preschool years and last but not least every parent – tall, thin, short or plus size. Unbelievable, isn’t it?




  • The ONE is woven in  100% Jacquard organic cotton, certified GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard) for organic natural fibers. The fabric is suitable for all season.
  • Made of high-quality materials, from buckles, straps, webbings to Velcro, recognized even in the automobile industry for resistance and endurance.
  • Wash only when necessary to increase the life of your carrier. In case of stains on the fabric, clean with soap and warm water and let it dry. When using the washing machine, please make sure you use a mild detergent and a delicate cycle. Do not tumble dry! Please ensure all buckles are fastened before washing!
  • Suitable from birth to 20 kg.
  • 3 ways to wear it – front carry with parallel or crossed straps, back carry and hip carry.
  • Fully adjustable.

I was super excited when I heard that my favorite brand is releasing a new carrier. I just knew that it would be massive! As an ambassador of Isara, I knew about the future carrier some time before it launched officially. I had big expectations since I have tried most of their products and they are more than good. So it is now here.. Isara The ONE!

Here are the sizes of Isara The ONE in cm.

When you first touch your Isara The ONE carrier, you will notice that it is super soft! It is made from 100% cotton woven and it is really thin and airy. As Isara says it is suitable for all seasons. It’s really light! The second thing I saw were the buckles. There are a lot of them and you know you will be in total control of this carrier. The third thing is the belt, but I will talk about it later.

You are in absolute control with Isara The ONE! 

You have buckles for everything! You can adjust the length of the shoulder straps using a two – way buckle that can fasten and loosen the straps and in the same time to control the panel length. It is located on the front of the panel. The other two – way buckle is controlling the panel from the sides (under your armpits) and again adjusting the shoulder straps. And there is one more buckle to adjust your straps even more!

The width of panel is again adjustable with velcro, which I always loved about Isara carriers. Unlike adjusting with buttons, here you can do it with unbelievable precision, which eliminates the situation where your baby is just between two buttons.

The previous version – V3 belt has always been a little bit on the harder side. It needed a little time to be worn before it was soft enough to wear it comfortably, but Isara changed that in The ONE. The belt is again made from memory foam, but a really softer one! It is super comfortable and supporting! It is really easy to adjust with two – way buckle again.

The Seat – transformers of Isara The ONE!

The innovation are the so called “seat – transformers”. They transform your carrier from baby size to toddler or even preschool size! Yes, they do! They are special separate pieces that come with your carrier and which you can attach and detach. You can add them easily using the velcro to attach them to the belt and a special hook hidden in the middle of the leg cushioning. And you are ready to wear at least 4 years old kid!

The connection strap is different from the V3 one. This one is a two – way buckle. You can fasten it from both sides. I find it really useful, because I can’t reach it with my right hand, but with the left.

I tried The ONE with my 9 month old baby boy and started fastening and adjusting the carrier so it can fit him perfectly. For less than 5 minutes it was like made for him. The buckles are super easy to work with and you can even adjust the carrier on the go. There is an elastic band for every buckle for extra protection. The fabric is giving the baby a snugly fit and there are no red marks on the neck or legs.

This is the first carrier ever that I can wear with parallel straps! They are fastening enough to suit my 1.60 height and 45 kg. As I mentioned the connection strap is with a two – way buckle so it can be easily reached with both hands. The front carry is super comfy and snug! I have almost forgotten how it feels, since I wear my son only on my back, but as soon as I received The ONE, I tried it so I can compare it with the V3 one. Very comfortable both ways – parallel and crossed straps. And I am soooo happy that I can wear it parallel, because I don’t have to unfasten my straps every time I decide to front carry, but just use the connection strap and DONE!

Back carrying is a total pleasure. This buttery soft belt is giving amazing support without hurting your hip bones. The straps can adjust small enough so they can fit my 1.60 body. I can even fasten them more! It really fits all, believe me! Daddy also appreciated the carrier. He said that it is more comfortable than the V3 one and he loved that you can adjust it even more. My hubby is 1.81 so you see that he is a lot taller than me and “The Isara is still so easy to work with”, he said. He adapted the carrier to his body so fast! And after he was done wearing and it was my turn to use Isara The ONE, I adjusted it even faster!

It is not the most compact carrier, but I will always prefer it to be comfortable than compact. When I take out my son from the carrier I mostly keep it fastened on my waist, so I don’t mind the compactness very much. But even you have to take the carrier off, it’s small enough to put it in your tote bag.

Breastfeeding is super easy! I thought it can’t be better than V3, but since you have so much buckles.. I just loosen the panel buckle that makes the straps longer and voala! The whole carrier is dropping lower and you can easily nurse in it. The support is still very good and you can continue your walk. When your baby is full of milk you can fasten the carrier again in it’s previous position. This is the easiest way for me to do it. Of course you can loosen the straps from the other buckle and breastfeed again, but I find it a little more difficult, because the connection strap is moving when the whole shoulder straps are loosened and is starting to grind in my neck. So for me the first way is more comfortable and I find it easier to work with the front panel buckles than the shoulder straps ones.

For my pity I couldn’t find a suitable preschooler to try it with. But as soon as I find my grown up I will update the review so I can tell you how it feels with a bigger kid.

Isara The ONE literally blew up the other manufacturers. It is suitable for the whole period of babywearing! Good job, Isara!

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