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Blueberry Coveralls review

So here they are! The first covers I order from the american brand Blueberry. The model is Coveralls. In the moment I received them i put them in the washing machine and till the night they were on my little ones bum.

Blueberry Coveralls covers


One fits from birth to potty

With double gussets

With soft elastics around the legs and back to fit snuggly

Suitable for fitted diapers that require covers

Button fastening

Adjustable in 3 sizes


Weight – 4.5 to 18 kg

Waist – 28 to 56 cm

Hips – 10 to 36 cm


100% polyester


Wash at maximum 60 degrees C

Wash before first use

I am a big fan of Pop In cloth diapers and they are not bulky at all, I thought that the cover is too big at first sight. It’s not so big actually. It’s just that the manufacturer though of leaving enough space so you can put a prefold and the cover itself is deeper which came to be awesome. My prefolds fitted nicely inside!

It’s my first time using a snaps diaper, because I like the velcro ones more. In my opinion the velcro diapers can be adjusted more precisely. Well, it’s not that the diapers with snaps are bad, but if there were velcro ones I would definitely pick them.

Before ordering the covers I saw that there is no pocket in the front side and the back side that can keep the insert from slipping. I thought that the prefeolds and inserts would touch the elastics on the back and front and the cover would leak, but for my surprise I have had no leaks for now. I am very satisfied with the snugly fit the Blueberries have!

The main reason I chose this diaper cover is that they have double gussets. As i mentioned, I am a big fan of Pop In which are with double gussets and were the only cloth diapers that never leaked. More about it HERE. So I didn’t want to risk it with buying a cover with no double elastics. Now a month after I bought them, they haven’t let me down!

The prints are lovely! I picked this one for a baby boy and I love it! There are a lot of different prints!

This cover is drying super fast! I put them to dry in 4 pm and in 20 pm they were already on my baby bum!

I am not a big fan of complicated night diapers. My boy is bigger now and starts to move a lot. It is getting harder and harder to put the prefolds. But since they are the only ones that save us at night I still use them. Soon I will tell you about Avo&Cado prefolds.

More about Blueberry HERE.

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