Chardan Slings Entwined Forest woven wrap review

I have always been dreaming of testing Chardan Slings woven and finally it happened! Chardan slings is an Australian brand owned by Jess and Greg. Jess is a certified babywearing consultant. They sell jacquard woven wraps and ssc carriers, all produced in Australia.

A while ago I fell inlove with one of their designs – Entwined Forest. So earthy, with beautiful pastel colors.. it was made for me!

Chardan Slings Entwined Forest


  • 100% cotton, jacquard weaved
  • 300 gsqm post wash
  • size 4 – 3.6m

This is a rare jewel (which although its thickness) would be suitable for both newborns and toddlers. It gives wonderful support аnd I can’t feel my 8-9 kg baby in it. Thanks to its softness, you can easily wrap a newborn in it. Don’t let the 100% cotton blend mislead you! The wrap is super soft! It needs a short ‘break – in’ period and in the beginning is very thick and hard to wrap, but after some wearing it becomes soft and cushy!

The grip is wonderful! It is not loosening or slipping off. Once tied, stays tied! Awesome! My little boy is a big destroyer of seats, especially when he is nervous, but not with the Chardan. The seat stays just the way it has been tied.

I liked this wrap because it looked like an all-purpose wrap for everyday, that I can wear everywhere! I had big expectations and I hoped it can cover them. Now I can boldly say that is one of my favorite wraps! It is suitable for both short walks to the local park or for a long mountain hike.

Entwined forest’s colors are pastel and very natural. They make you feel like you are one with the nature, even in the center of the city. You don’t have to pick special clothes since this wrap goes with almost everything.

Size 4 is the perfect one for me. The wrap is not sweeping the ground when I wrap my son outside and is enough for most of the carries that I prefer. Keep in mind that I am 1.60 high and 46 kg. If you are taller, you will definitely need a longer wrap for a double hammock, for example.

In conclusion I can say that this wrap is suitable for every place, time and baby!

More about Chrdan Slings HERE.

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