Review Isara THE ONE by Iris Bozic

Written by Iris BOŽIĆ, Translated by Lidija Turić

Review of a soft structured carrier that grows with your baby: ISARA The One

This title could also be changed into “Review of the only soft structured carrier you will ever need”.

The company SC Deneris Trade SRL, founded and run by babywearing consultant Monica Olariu, is celebrating six years of their brand Isara. They are soon releasing a new, truly unique carrier on the market.

I had the great honor of being the first one to try out and review this new model, called The One.

In my former reviews you could’ve concluded that it was impossible to design a carrier that would fit babies of all ages, as well as babywearers of all constitutions, but…

Did Isara just achieve the impossible?

At first glance, The One looks like an improved V3 model with all user suggestions taken into consideration. Upon further inspection one discovers so many innovations that it becomes quite clear that this is a completely different carrier.

I quickly noticed many differences compared to the V3 – the panel is narrow at the waist, the plackets are extremely deep (the deepest I’ve seen!), the whole edge is padded from the inner and outer side, the waistbelt is softer, the shoulder straps have two-way buckles and added webbing adjusters (thus enabling adjustment of shoulder straps in three directions), the hood looks different, the width of the waistbelt is adjustable (for conversion from baby to toddler size) and there are two-way webbing adjusters above the panel, the so-called “shoulder transformers”. You can adjust the length of the shoulder strap using an adjuster in one direction (even if the baby is already on your back!), and then use the same adjuster to adjust the panel length. The V3 has a straight panel with a minimum length 2 cm longer than the panel on The One. The V3 has a shock-absorber on the chest strap, just like military backpacks. The One has a longer chest strap with two-way cinching. You can also adjust the length of the shoulder straps depending on how tall you are or how high you wish to carry your baby.

I would say the greatest difference between Isara V3 and Isara The One is that the first was designed to carry babies from one month of age, while the latter is usable from day one.

(Important note! It is my personal and professional recommendation not to use soft structured carriers for newborns. No matter how great the design of a carrier, beginners do not know how to adjust it properly without assistance.)

It all comes down to precision. For the smallest babies the criteria are the strictest. If a carrier is going to grow with your baby from day one, it is important that it can be adjusted literally one millimeter at a time. For this reason I tried the carrier with a newborn and a two-month-old.

Most people are not aware of the difference in size between a newborn and a two-month-old. Luckily, that does not include the team at Isara.

At two months, babies have excellent support in the V3, while the panel of The One even needed to be extended a bit.

Babies of such a wide age span can be carried in The One thanks to so called “seat transformers”. This technology helps avoid excess material around newborns and enables the widening of the panel. They come packaged with the carrier and are used to transform it from baby to toddler size.

The transformers are attached onto the waistbelt and fastened with velcro. Then they are attached onto little hooks hidden inside slots on the panel. The slots are padded with soft material from both sides so they are hard to detect at first.

We discussed how Isara The One handles little babies, but how does it handle large toddlers? I just had to try it with my son, who is three and a half years old.

Isara The One is indeed adaptable enough to suit newborns and preschoolers alike. So far this seems to be the only design solution that allows the use of a single carrier during all your years of babywearing. It will be interesting to see how other manufacturers respond to Isara’s innovations.

Written by IRIS BOŽIĆ, Isara brand ambassador.

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