Soul Maze Pride ring sling review

Today, 14.06.2018, I had the pleasure to be part of a babywearing meeting here in Stara Zagora, organized by our local Babywearing library Da Do Mama. I had the opportunity to try some of the MUST TRYs on my list, but one of them has never been on hat list and I tried by accident. It turned out to be a wonderful carrier!

Soul Maze Pride ring sling

I have never tried a ring sling until today. It has always looked a little uncomfortable to me due to a reason unknown. I decided to try it because my curiosity prevailed and I never refuse testing a new carrier. And … surprise! So comfortable and supportive!


  • color – blue and pink
  • fabric – 100% cotton in jacquard weave
  • baby weight – 15 kg
  • width – 28 inch

With the kind assistance of the babywearing consultant Kristina Stefanova, I managed to adjust the baby in the sling. It came out easier and faster than a wrap. I have always thought that ring slings are better for newborn babies, but I wore in an elastic wrap my newborn and never had the chance to try wearing a squish with a ring sling. I can boldly say that you do not need a newborn so that you can use a ring sling! Wearing a “learning to walk” toddler who wants to go up and down a lot would be very suitable for a ring sling too!

In a ring sling you can wear on the front and hip. Wearing your baby on your hip make breastfeeding very easy, because baby’s head turns up to be just above your breast and if it is necessary you can loosen the sling a little.

Beautiful is not enough to say for this piece of fabric! The colors of the sling are amazing! The blue color is sparkling under the sun and it makes it change it’s tint! Unique! The ring sling was very soft and broken in since it’s part of the babywearing library.

I was surprised by it’s supportive qualities. I expected that an 8 kg baby would feel heavy in it, but I barely felt it. It is very easy to put on, with the proper assistance of course.

I have always found that piece of fabric that stays on your shoulder very uncomfortable. That’s one of the reasons why I have never decided to use a ring sling. Well, it is very uncomfortable, at least for me. My right hand was immobile all the time. I held it under my baby bum, not because he needed support, but because I couldn’t move it. Under his bottom was the only spot it felt on it’s place.

I wouldn’t dare to use it for a long walk. For a hike I would pick a soft structured carrier or a woven wrap. For me a ring sling would be more comfortable for a quick shopping or a walk to the local park, but not for a nap walk. Maybe if it’s a newborn I would dare to wear it more, but having in mind that my son is 8-9 kg I wouldn’t go out only with a ring sling.

In conclusion I can say that I am impressed by Soul’s ring sling. I never expected it to be so comfortable or supportive. I don’t know why I have always imagined a newborn in ring sling. It’s not only for newborns! Especially when it comes to Soul Maze!

More about Soul HERE.

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