Do NOT leave your baby to cry

We have all heard the phrase “Leave the baby to cry it out.”. No one knows why, but to our parents has been told to leave their kids to cry it out, because this way they will sleep better and so many other bullshits. And this “advice” flies in time and soon it hits us hard. Dear parents, do NOT leave your babies to cry it out!

The only way your baby can communicate with you is his crying. He uses it to tell you that something is not right and is expecting you to fix it, because poor soul can not do it himself! And he is just crying.

Yes, it can be a hard test for your nerves, but leaving your baby crying without offering him any sort of comfort, can damage his development. Leaving your baby like that is reducing the oxygen that reaches the brain and it starts producing stress hormones (Cortisol). A lot of researches show that stress can be very harmful for a human being in this young age. He can develop health, behavior, memory problems and also is prone to asocial behavior.

You are the first example that your kid has and with your reaction to his cry, you tech him the the first lesson about the relationship between cause and consequence. If you leave his cry unanswered often, he will learn that he can not influence the environment, or that he should cry more and louder. So answer your baby’s cry! This way your baby understands that he can trust you and creates stronger mother- baby relationship.

No, crying do not develop the lungs! They are already developed! It is even harmful since it’s decreasing the lungs capacity.

No, your baby can not manipulate you, use you or play you! He do not intend to just make you leave the couch and miss your series, but needs you urgently!

It’s been a while since I have seen some practices for teaching your baby to sleep. There is nothing wrong in it since you and your baby are not suffering. A lot of these methods are slow and smooth, but they take a lot of time and nerves to teach the little one to fall asleep alone. But there are some methods that are very rough and recommend to leave the baby crying in his crib and just visit him on certain time intervals. You shouldn’t pick the baby up, too. These intervals grow every day until your baby learns to fall asleep alone. It takes about a week, promise the baby sleep specialists, but no one tells you how harmful that can be to your baby. If this kind of method works at all, it would be because your baby has already understood that he can not draw your attention with his cries. He has resigned that no one will respond to his cries and left with no comfort, he just falls asleep. Or there will be no result at all and your sweetheart will keep on screaming, leaving you wondering what you did wrong. Oh, and believe me this kind kind of methods are demanding strong nerves, because listening to your baby crying helplessly from the other room, is not easy at all.

Do not be egoists! Do not think only for your comfort and how tired you are. Baby cries are disappearing thanks to your hugs and devotion! Kids are the best thing in ones life, aren’t they?! Cuddle your babies till they are small, they will grow up and wouldn’t want to be hugged anymore. Kids are not dogs to train and teach! They are human beings that need love and support! Give it to them!

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