Isara Standard V3 after a month of wearing

It’s been a month since I have been enjoying my lovely Isara. You already know that Isara is a fully adjustable ergonomic carrier, that is very popular among the babywearing moms. Well, there is why!

If you haven’t read my previous review and you wanna know what to expect from a brand new Isara ssc carrier, you can find it HERE. And now I will tell you how the carrier changed after a month of nonstop wearing.

In the beginning, when I received the carrier I was a little bit disappointed from the belt. It felt very hard for my raw-boned hips and when I wore it higher, the baby came too high and I couldn’t see anything in front of me. It was especially uncomfortable when I was wearing high waist pants. Right now the belt is absolutely comfortable. It feels like with time it took my body shape and now it’s like it’s made for me! Reminds me of the wraps that need a little wearing when they are brand new, so that they can be soft and cushy after.


The easy adjusting of the panel and seat haven’t changed, but it’s worth mentioning that they are very smart and comfy. I don’t mind giving it to my partner or my babywearing mates because adjusting it afterwards is really fast and easy. I find this a very big advantage and with the time passing I love the adjustability more and more. Especially the velcro patches! There is no way not to fit your baby! It’s adjustable to millimeter!

The panel is made from 100% organic cotton and when I received it it was a little hard. The fabric needed wearing so it can get softer. Now it’s much more pleasant to touch. Of course, it can not beat the wrap conversions, but still a wonderful one!

Breastfeeding in the carrier was challenging at the beginning. Until then I have been breastfeeding only in a woven wrap and there is much more invisible. But with time we perfected the technique and now I breastfeed freely everywhere. With a little training and adjusting I found the most suitable way to breastfeed for me. The only thing I do is lowering the PFA straps on the panel so the baby comes a little lower. Adjusting the carrier this way makes breastfeeding easier and discreet. It’s almost invisible because everything is happening under the strap of the carrier. When the baby is ready I just fasten the PFAs. It’s super easy and almost unnoticeable!

Back carrying was impossible until I found out that I put the belt too high on my waist. Because of wearing my son too high on the front I thought that I should wear him the same way on my back, but soon I figured the belt was way too high and caused me back pain soon after I put him in the carrier. One day I moved the belt lower and was out for some time. When I got home I had no pain at all. Now I feel so comfortable even after 6 hours of wearing. So I will recommend you to try everything before claiming that the carrier is uncomfortable or not suitable for you as I though that the straps are too long for me.

Although I was thinking that the print is gonna get dirty easily, it turned out that the carrier do not need washing every week. For a month I have washed it once and it was the day I received it. Of course, I am wearing a baby that don’t walk. I don’t know what would be the outcome with a walking one that has dirty shoes and needs to be carried.

In conclusion, I can say that Isara is my favorite carrier! Don’t be prejudiced! Give it time to fit your body shape. I am sure that every carrier, like every sling, needs time to give it’s best to you! In the beginning I had some remarks concerning the comfort, but now it is the most comfortable carrier I have ever tried!

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