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Reusable nappies Tots Bots EasyFit Review

Not long ago I got 15 reusable nappies from the brand Tots Bots that were different versions. After trying them I kept only 3 pieces.

Tots Bots EasyFit

These are extremely soft nappies that would be a precious piece in your collection on the right bottom. 


  • all in one
  • 3 sizes in one nappy – the nappy grows with the baby
  • perfect balance between softness, absorbency, long life and reduced drying time
  • the nappies are tongue like, this is helping for faster drying
  • with elastics around the legs and the back
  • fastens with velcro bands
  • uses buttons to fit the size

They are made of:

Outer shell: 100% polyester PU coated

Inside: 100% minky


Wash at 60 degrees C. This will prevent the diapers from sticking to one another or in other baby clothes and extend their life. Drying in a low temperature dryer is allowed.

When I received all 15 nappies I was expecting to change them every 2 hours. I had 7 cotton and bamboo, 3 polyester and bamboo and 5 minky. I thought that my son will be dry and I won’t have to change his clothes every time I change his nappy. Well, I changed his every hour and a half to prevent his clothes from getting wet. If I left him half an hour more, he was all wet. I started wondering what I was not doing right. I watched youtube videos, read everything I found useful, wrote in the forums, but nothing seemed to help. For about a month I was trying to keep him in Tots Bots during the day and used one time diaper at night. I tried adding boosters but it didn’t help at all. I couldn’t solve the problem. I was very close to drop out of reusable diapers. Finally I found a forum where Tots Bots were commented and people mentioned that this nappy is not suitable for every bottom. And that seemed to be the most logical thing I had read this week. Maybe the nappies just didn’t suit him. After all with other brands we have never had problems. So if you are from the group of mother that just bought a bunch Tots Bots and they are all leaking, you are not alone. They are just not made for your baby bottom. I know, the Tots Bots are soft, with beautiful prints, but do not suit every bottom. They are just like the clothes that just do not fit you nicely. I left at home just 3 minky diapers from the whole stash, because in the afternoon my son is not peeing that much and the diapers are doing fine. That’s my story but let’s see the facts.

The Tots Bots Easyfit are wonderful. Very soft with clever fastening velcro and long soaker which can be folded in several layers, in case you need more absorbency in particular spot. The minky is very soft fabric and feels like plush. It’s more delicate than the fleece and is with short fibers. It’s greatly isolating baby skin from the wetness, but it’s not as absorbent as cotton and bamboo. However the manufacturer made a pocket where you can add extra boosters.

The outer shell is made of polyester which is PU coated. The shell doesn’t allow the wetness to pass on the outside. It’s keeping the pee inside until the boosters soak it. Most of the diapers are made with PU coat. It’s tearing with the time and the washing so you better wash it on 800 rounds per minute. If washed on more than 800 rpm the elastics are going to stretch and will not fit your baby bum anymore.

You can adjust the size of the diaper with buttons. I use them on the second row with my 7+ kg baby. The manufacturer claims that the Tots Bots can be used until 16 kg.

I am a big fan of the Tots Bots velcro bands. Very easy and smartly made. You can fasten the bands and save the velcro from sticking to the clothes in the washer.

The diapers are drying very fast. This is one of the big advantages of the Tots Bots minky diapers. I mostly use the tumble dryer but if I leave them to air dry it takes like 2 hours for them to be ready to use.

The elastics fit wonderfully around the legs and on the back and they do not leave red marks on the skin. They are incredibly stretchy and soft. They arevery easy to put on. For my pity they are always leaking form the elastics.

The soakers are not removable because this diaper is “all in one” They are sewn to the diaper and they dry a little slower. With the minky ones there is no problem but if the diapers are bamboo or cotton, they are going to need a lot of time to air dry. I was leaving them all night to dry. Afterwards I started using a drying machine so I used it to dry them faster on low temperature.

Tots Bots are wonderful diapers for the right bottom. We couldn’t manage to use them like I wanted to. After all I still use 3 of them and in the right time they do their job perfectly.

More about Tots Bots here.

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