Fidella Fly Tai Shebra Pink Review

After some time trying different full buckles, I decided it’s time to try a mei tai. My big problem with full buckles is that I can’t seem to find the one that I can wear with parallel straps. Not that I do not like crossed straps, but I can’t wear on my back like that. All the full buckles I have tried have too long straps for me and I’m just 1.58 m high. Today I received one beauty from SlingFay library, that is made by Fidella.

Fidella Fly Tai Shebra Pink

As I mentioned Fidella Fly Tai is a mei tai carrier. My little boy is growing, the weather is becoming hotter and hotter and I wish more and more to wear my son on my back. After a lot of thinking I decided to give this carrier a try, because it allows infinite adjusting. It’s the perfect combination between sling and full buckle!


  • 3 sizes – Baby size, New size and Toddler size
  • wrap conversion – 100% organic cotton in jacquard weaving texture
  • surface weight – 205 g/sqm
  • 4 ways to adjust the panel

This is one amazing carrier! The Fly Tai can be adjusted from the 4 sides of the panel. The adjustment itself is made by strings that are tightened to the desired width or length of the panel. Extremely comfortable to adjust on the go. The minimum width is about 15 cm and the maximum – 15 cm. The length: minimum – around 25 cm and maximum – 45 cm.

The padding of the belt and the strings is very cushy. The material that the padding is made of is 100% polyester. The belt can be adjusted between 57 cm and 190 cm. The first 57 cm are padded and the other 133 cm are wrap fabric. The straps are 200 cm. 37 cm from them are padded. There is enough fabric to make some beautiful finishes, when wearing on your back.

I must point that it’s rear thing to find such functional hood. It’s big enough and it’s not squishing your baby’s head when you use it. It’s attaching on the straps of the carrier. I have not been used to using hoodies lately but this one has won me!

In Fidella Fly Tai you can front carry and back carry:

  • Front carrying is great and you have a lot of options to tie your straps. If you have a smaller baby you can just tie them on your back and if you have a bigger one you can reinforce the bottom for extra support.
  • The big drama with back carrying for me is over! That’s the first mei tai with which I try to back carry. Until now I was trying to wear my son in a full buckle, but the straps parallel are too big for me (when i front carry i cross them on the back) and the baby is too low. Afterwards I have pain in the back and my little guy is not very comfortable too. Fidella is very soft and cushy. It’s airy and it suits me very well. I love to wear my son high on my back and in the Fly Tai I can put him as high as I want so we are both comfortable. I can tighten the straps as much as I want and that’s awesome! As I mentioned there are some lovely finishes that can be made. As a disadvantage I can say that this type of carrier needs very precise tightening. If it’s not tightened well, pressure can appear. Full buckles are easier to put from this point, but once you catch it, the mei tai is superb.

The colors are very gentle and being pastel I think they can fit on every outfit. Very simple model.

In Fidella Fly Tai you can wear your baby up to 80 cm and 15 kg. For toddler sizes are different.

In conclusion I will say once again – this carrier is wonderful! Very soft, organic, adjustable, beautiful and offering the comfort of the full buckle carrier and the flexibility of the sling!

More about Fidella here.

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