Soft Structured Carrier Isara V3 Standard Tropicana Review

Isara is one of the biggest names when it comes to ergonomic carriers. Created by a babywearing consultant, Isara is designed adjustable since 2013. The carrier is available in 2 sizes, standard (from 4 to 20 kg) and toddler (from 8 to 20 kg). You can have the carrier in canvas and in wrap conversion, where the canvas, of course, is cheaper.

Since my son is 7 kg I use the standard size.

Isara V3 Standard


  • 2 sizes – standard and toddler
  • 2 fabrics – canvas and wrap conversion
  • adjustable seat
  • adjustable panel

Isara Standard

Isara is one of the most popular carriers lately, so I decided that one more review may be helpful. Adjusting the seat is made possible using velcro patches. In it’s narrowest is 26 cm and the widest adjustment is 38 cm. The patches are placed on the inside of the belt. For me the idea of adjusting the carrier with velcro patches is awesome because it gives you the freedom to adjust the panel to a millimeter, which you can not do with buttons. The seat must reach from knee to knee, but the baby should still move his feet freely.

On height the carrier is adjusting with PFA belts. The minimum height of the panel is 31 cm and the maximum – 45 cm. They are pretty comfortable to adjust on the go. Here the height should reach to the middle of the neck of the baby.

The straps of the Isara carrier are wonderfully padded and are 6 cm wide, fitting me perfectly, having in mind that I am 1.58 m high and 46 kilos. The length of the padded section is 48 cm long and the whole length of the strap is around 90 cm. They are pretty cushy and comfy. The straps have protectors in front of the buckle so even if it breaks on the go while you are wearing the carrier, the child will not fall and you can safely get back home, with caution of course.

The straps can be worn in parallel and crossed, while wearing parallel straps are fastened together by a strap like most full buckle carriers. Of course it can be removed, if you prefer wearing with crossed straps. I prefer wearing with crossed straps because with parallel wearing, most of the carriers I have tried are too big for me.

The belt is 12 cm wide and 70 cm long and it can be extended to around 130 cm. Keep in mind that only the 70 cm of the belt are padded. The padding is memory foam which is a little hard on the body at first, but the more you use the carrier the more it becomes softer.

Isara is offering 3 ways to carry – front carry, back carry and hip carry. Carrying on the front is lovely! The carrier is so adjustable that it can suit every body type. I am not good at carrying on the back. On every carrier I have tried, the straps are too long for me. But daddy embraced the idea of testing the carrier for me. We walked for about hour and a half and he said that the carrier is very comfortable and he felt no pressure at all. The little one was comfy too. He fell asleep 15 minutes after we left. Honestly, I am not a big fan of the hip carry. I tried putting my son on my hip at home, but he doesn’t like it at all. Having in mind how comfy the carrier is, I think that hip carry is gonna feel good too for hip carry lovers.

You can wear your baby in Isara Standard until your baby is 86 cm or about 18 – 24 months.

I don’t know if I should comment the print. Super fresh, cool and summery! It’s lovely! If I say there is a print that I don’t like it would be a lie. If I have to find a disadvantage of this particular print, it would be that it’s bright so it will get dirty easier. But it’s not a problem for me at all. You can wash your carrier in the washing machine on 30C on a delicate program, after all (no tumble dry).

In conclusion I can say that this is an amazing carrier, super adjustable and very comfortable. There are definitely many reasons why Isara has conquered the top places when it comes to ergonomic carriers! I strongly recommend and it’s a must try!

You can visit Isara here.

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