Woven wrap Oscha Sekai review

On 14.03.2018 I borrowed from the local sling library “Da!Do mama” one beautiful Oscha. I picked it because it was size 6, the one I wanted and I loved the colors!

Oscha Sekai


  • Cushy
  • Strong
  • Soft
  • Temperature regulating
  • Mouldable


  • organic cotton
  • tussah silk
  • linen

Care instructions: Gentle machine wash cycle at 30 degrees, avoiding bleach and fabric softener. Lie flat to dry. Iron on a cool setting.

Fabric composition: 44% tussah silk, 39% organic combed cotton, 17% organic linen, 67cm wide.

Fabric weight: 253 gsqm approx.

I had no expectations. I knew the brand but somehow I never gave enough time to know it. I didn’t even need a day to love it! So soft and airy!

Until then I had not worn a long time in woven wrap. For my surprise, wrapping myself was not a big drama. The sling is easy to work with in comparison with other wraps I have tried. It didn’t slip out of my hands, but it stood where I put it. I wrapped pretty fast and me and boy were ready for test! We went for a walk, despite the bad weather. My boy, surprisingly for me, fell asleep quite quickly (apparently it was time for sleep) which made me think that the wrap was comfortable for us both. I didn’t feel any weight or pain in the shoulders.

Tussah silk makes the wrap very very soft and cushy! And the linen – airy! It now makes one of my favorite blends.

I don’t think there is any point in commenting the colors. They are beautiful!

I have been wearing the sling 2 weeks very intense. The wrap I took was size 6 and I had the chance to try quite different carries. Some worked, others did not, but the sling’s grip is great. Do not loosen if it is tied well and does not slip out of the hands when tied.

Of course, like any other quality item, the sling is not ranked among budget carriers. Prices start at 112 pounds for size 2, but if you’re motivated enough, you can check the Facebook Babywearing Groups, where sometimes you can find Oschas on good prices

As a beginner I can boldly say that this wrap is great in every way. Easy to tie, soft to the skin, airy and very beautiful! I strongly recommend!

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